Online SEPA Credit Transfer
QR-code generator
API usage:[parameters]

Parameters (bold is the default if unspecified):
type : defines the output type
text : pure text with linefeeds
html : text but with html linebreaks
pic: QR code as picture
For example: &type=text
ver : defines version of SCT
char : defines the character set
bic : Business Identifier Code of the Beneficiary Bank
iban : International Bank Account Number of the Beneficiary (mandatory)
bname : Name of the Beneficiary (mandatory)
euro : Amount of the Credit Transfer in Euro (mandatory)
pp : Purpose of the Credit Transfer
ref : Reference of the Creditor (must be ISO 11649)
acc : Bare Reference of the Creditor
bba : Belgian Banks coded Reference of the Creditor
info : Remittance Information (free text)
orig : Beneficiary to originator information
key : Registration key for unlimited generations per day
cut : Cut away text around the QR code
logo : Change the small logo in the QR code
pixel : Number of pixels per block/bit
for : Use named shortcut
colour : Use different text colour
help : Gives this page
Spaces are allowed in all parameter values.

NEW: If you have problems with your own program to use the API, you can get debug information using[parameters]

General word of advice: keep the information as less as possible; the shorter the text, the better the QR-code is read by the user.
Like the BIC: not necessary with version 2 and within the SEPA area, but if filled in, it increases the number of block/bits for nothing.

Create examples yourself with the interactive form

MS Word VBA picture update example

Last change : 2023 September 24